So it was a wish granted for D1 on her birthday - a day with the wild and adorable creatures in The Crocodile Park, a family friendly park and one of the popular attractions in the city of Davao.

 photo e14fa75c-10d9-4d72-8550-da12ca08844f_zpsjrtkqfja.jpg

I just wonder why of all the things that she could ask for on her birthday, she chose to be in the Crocodile Park. It's just to me it's a little girl thing and she's 16 ... but then we were there so I guess that's was indeed a wish granted.

 photo IMG_20170408_152645_zpsmaouubsg.jpg
To get in the park costs Php 250 per person but the three of us made it all the way for free and still get to enjoy everything there is just like everyone did and that's another story.

Almost everything inside the park looks familiar to me (but not to D1 and D2) except the feeding activities which the both of them enjoyed a lot. D1 had these starving Kois fed...
 while D2 fed this fierce giant, wild cat.
A piece of meat costs Php50 :D

I'm surprised, the boy who sold us the meat to feed the tiger volunteered to take us a picture... very kind of him.

"I enjoyed it here a lot", says the birthday girl. That had me wonder if I ever brought her there before. I thought I did but that was when she was still little. No wonder she and her sister went giddy about  everything in the park as if it's their first time - from the largest and the host creature - the crocodile, or popularly known as "pangil" (means fang)...
  to the smallest critters...
These are at least the smallest that I've seen the whole time other than the long time residents in the park - the caged cardinals and the singing, gci musicians friend, canary and house sparrows which I haven't took a picture of this time.
Though it's main host is a giant reptile, the park also housed numerous animals, big and small that every park goer (young and old) would enjoy in different ways. Most of these animals are captioned with their scientific names and origins. I remember I took pictures of almost all of the names back then. This time I got busy taking pictures of the two teens while enjoying their encounter with the creatures.

Here are some though...

Our time spent here was priceless. We were delightfully amused. It reflects on our photos together below. :D

"Animals should not require our permission to live here on earth. They were given the right long before we arrived".
This year's summer (though it hasn't been officially declared by the weather station yet) has started with a trip to the beach with my colleagues at work. It is an annual activity we do to bond together, have fun together, be crazy together and just be carefree outside the working environment for once.

This time around we picked Cavanico Il Mare Beach Resort in Camudmud, Samal Island for our destination.

 photo IMG_20170331_102813_zpsvpmurdec.jpg

It wasn't our first time to spend summer in the place as Samal Island is popularly known for its picturesque beaches and is frequent to by many (both local and foreign) beach goers in and out of season but to most of us, it was our first in this particular resort.

I am glad that the place didn't disappoint me.

 photo 1140d1b2-0fae-40b3-8b78-7e21bea003db_zpsl0czg2ur.jpg

Well, I don't intend to do a review here because for way less than 24 hours, I didn't really had the chance to go around this quite big  place.Most of our time were spent swimming. Now, if you're looking for that irresistible beach water, this is a place to be. Night or day, you'd love it here.

Since we came in a big group, we were suggested this backpacker's house.

 photo ac1dea08-9e50-4cbf-8b81-182d7d7fbc64_zpsddeurxwf.jpg 
It's the only one I've seen in the place and is situated towards the other end of the resort. Good thing, quad bikes are available to get you and your luggage to your room for free. The bamboo type structure consists of 4 air-conditioned rooms in each floor. It wasn't really bad except that the bathrooms has to be installed separately and outside each room. Again, not that bad for just an overnight stay. 

This is exactly one of the things that you can enjoy from this side of the resort. Of course you can also enjoy walking on the white sand or hanging by and along the sea using the white huts.

 photo b82b1255-4df0-4a92-b3c0-f3f86a7af439_zpsexhkeasv.jpg

...and a few steps from here is the bar and restaurant.

 photo 17634885_10206982580801232_7380551374999833687_n_zpsqxcioqhh.jpg 
Towards the entrance is where these pools are situated. I prefer beach water so this is just a bonus. :D
 photo ab8bfd60-82d3-49d8-9bef-b30a48955372_zpssfmsq9er.jpg 
But I can make use of this lounger... not to get tanned because I don't need it... but to relax and perhaps to get a nap.

 photo 56a4b333-3c3a-45cc-b59b-1595e58581d3_zpsahwbpmnd.jpg :D

Overall, the place was a perfect summer getaway destination. It is safe and sound. Indeed, relaxing is worth every penny here.

I especially enjoyed the greenish, white sand beach water. I was thinking of suggesting it to my younger brother should they decide to come home and spend summer with us again this year.
It's summer month but looks like the weather isn't ready to switch just yet. The heavy rain is threatening. Classes has been cancelled several times.
And when it's cold around I have this to keep me warm... Monk's Blend Premium Coffee. Whether I'm  exploring guitar center music store or on with my research paper works, it'll always make a perfect buddy for me. From its name the coffee is especially made by Benedictine Monks. They are whom we spent time with for three days when we've had our Teachers' Annual Retreat this year.

We were never shown the process of how this good-smelling coffee is made (maybe because we didn't ask) but have we been offered, I would definitely love to see.

I started drinking coffee when I was 25. I could barely remember what draws me to it but since then, I can't seem to go a day without a cup or two. And when asked about my blood type, I would fondly say "coffee". :D

Browsing the web a lot of sites present loads of health benefits of coffee. Am I drinking for any of those reasons? No...the only reason why I drink coffee is because is because it makes me feel good. And as to the benefits...they're probably just a bonus.

Other than coffee the Benedictine Monks also manufacture fresh cow's milk which of course we brought home too for a "pasalubong" or presents. I have lactose intolerance but I still bought some for the kids. I'm fine with coffee. :D

I often heard people say "never leave Digos (name of the place) without dropping by the Benedictine's Souvenir Shop". It is just along the highway so anyone can stop and help themselves with these goodies.
On our way to leave the city, we passed through this place called Ice Giants along Damosa Street in Davao City. Curious about its name, we stopped and checked what they’ve got. And true to its name, they offer these mouth-watering treats that come in giant sizes.

But since we just had our tummies filled, we only took out something to sip on. I specifically got curious and attracted to this one…

 photo 15672880_10206324602112176_6009138693660237786_n_zpsx46pnti4.jpg
And as to what it composes other than Sprite and vanilla-flavored ice cream - that I am still yet to find out.:D
It looks like a must-visit place to me just as a Musiciansfriend rokit 5 is a must-have so yes, I am also looking forward to sit down and try out some of the giant stuffs one of these days. That way I can tell more about the place and what they have.
"You don't need magic to disappear. All you need is a destination."

The past few weeks has been very draining (physically and mentally) for me. I badly needed to be somewhere quiet and cozy for a much-needed break. That somewhere happens to be at the Red Planet hotel in Davao City... my first local travel destination for the year.

 photo d4329159-df88-44df-b2dc-b2e1c34fb2f5_zpsbllowqno.jpg

For some reasons our first attempt to book for a room as walk in clients last year was a flop. This time, we finally made it. It was after peak season so I really thought we will make it even without the reservation.

 photo 16194895_10206526482319055_7310481032504872019_n_zpspguej4fk.jpg 

Situated along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada Davao City, the 155-room Red Planet Davao is settled near the city's several popular shopping hot spots including Abreeza Mall, Victoria Plaza Mall, and Gaisano Mall of Davao–as well as the SMX Convention Centre Davao, corporate offices, and this buzzing city’s host of restaurants, shops, bars, and other entertainment options. It is ideal for business and leisure travelers.

Red Planet Davao has redefined the value-hotel sector by offering an all-inclusive rate for every room, every night. All rooms have free high-speed Wi-Fi, a soothing power shower, quality custom-made beds with upscale linen, and many other features including air conditioning, a workstation, an in-room safe, a hair dryer, a ceiling fan, and a 32-inch flat screen TV. And truly, there are no hidden costs in the room rates or the amenities they provide.

 photo 16195980_10206526509199727_4257926696087556209_n_zps2h22vsbc.jpg
No questions asked. This soft and comfy bed really helped me a lot to relax and just be comfortable.

 photo 16142747_10206526482599062_5780328249339825608_n_zpsnvbz1vvj.jpg
Not everyone do well with air condition facility so this installed ceiling fan is indeed a very generous addition.

   photo 16142953_10206526509159726_8525554486739865121_n_zpsw34h12yc.jpg
 photo 16174762_10206526482919070_6920060695636841267_n_zpsuipyrcxd.jpg

This impressed me. It is actually something I can't do without. Every time I travel, I always tuck mine in my luggage. Surprisingly this time, I didn't have to use it. Not all budget hotels that I know of has it so two thumbs up for it. Great job, Red Planet!
 photo 16142409_10206526500759516_4422982787176087313_n_zpstvnq3kam.jpg 
Should you have something valuable along with you while on travel, this one will help you feel safe and secure. It is another rare addition that can often be found only in 5 star hotels and is mostly excluded in room rates.
 photo 16142383_10206526489639238_6353764072352849621_n_zpsnezr9whw.jpg
The bathroom is one of the most important considerations for me in spending for a hotel room which I guess many of you out there can agree on. It's not as big and spacious but all you need for a bathroom is actually there, including shower gel, the hot and cold shower and white, soft-to-the-skin towels. To me, this is comfortable enough.


 photo 16194911_10206526482639063_1402688265462817852_n_zpsdqyolaej.jpg

How would you like an upfront discount plus, an auto membership at Red Planet for the first time? By simply providing your email address you become a REMEMBERED member in an instant and enjoy upfront and future discount when booking through the Red Planet's mobile app or via their official website.


From the moment a guest books a stay with us till the day they leave, Red Planet’s leading-edge In-Stay Mode transforms our mobile app from a booking channel into a tool allowing guests to make the most of their stay with us. Guests can use the In-Stay Mode to get directions to the hotel, chat with the front desk, look up local attractions, restaurants and nightlife, and even use their smartphone as an in-house phone. (RP)


 photo 16142563_10206526486999172_6277092445960694541_n_zpsegwgrbuo.jpg

This time of us enjoying our stay...

 photo 16195720_10206526453758341_694268976264036109_n_zps1lukdgcv.jpg


Red Planet Hotels Limited (RPHL) was founded in 2010 and has quickly established itself as Asia’s largest and fastest-growing hotel company focused on the value hotel sector. The company owns and operates hotels in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan and plans to continue its expansion across Asia.

"When our guests leave our hotels, our aim is to have made them feel as if they had made a smart decision by staying with us. We are all about ensuring value for our customers." - Red Planet Hotels
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