Done in an Instant

July 07, 2011

Hello everyone! First off, I'd like to thank all those who really made my day on the 4th - the launching day of D' TOUR. Finally a long-time dream of having my own niche blog has now become a reality and it really such a delight to hear positive feedback and warm support from you guys. Thank you very much.

Yesterday we've had another long internet service interruption and while away from the online world an idea suddenly popped up my head... why not make D' TOUR a mix of travel and food blog? Right! It could be. After all feasting is part of most adventures we do anyway, is it not? Yeah, I know you agree. (Wink)

So for that, I made an instant modification of my header just about some time ago. Can you spot the difference? Ops! I'm afraid in order to do that you need to click the image to see its full size. That will make the quest a whole lot easier... ha-ha!

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday. I shall be looking forward to start the day right. That means brushing my hair before doing my first and official travel entry, LOL!

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