Our Humble Fiesta Celebration (July 25th event)

July 30, 2011

Hi, here I am sharing photos of my family and relatives from the recent occasion we've just celebrated last Monday. It's a cultural thing in which details I posted HERE. I hope you guys won't mind me taking you to another page for that. I actually got another event to catch today. It's going to be an exciting one so I guess I'll just have to leave you with these for now. Click image to view full size.

Some of the foods we've had that I managed to take pictures of from that event... 

From upper left there's a native rice recipe we locally call biko, my all-time favorite stir fry egg noodles which I prepared myself and finally the main course of the day and everybody's most sought-after during fiestas, the roast pig or Lechon! Not on the pictures that I also made myself (yes I was the chef that day) were 3 more pork recipes, 2 beef and a macaroni salad for a sweet treat.

And this picture below... I am linking to this week's Scenic Sunday. It's a motocross field. I took it 4 days ago while people were preparing it for today's big event. The show should start in 2 hours so I really should be getting ready now.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys. Till later!!

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