Skywatch Friday: Gloomy Skies

A Low Pressure Area has been constantly noted by the country's weather bureau lately. That makes it our weather to look this way each afternoon for barely a week now.

Sorry I messed up with the date stamp again. These pictures were actually taken the other day. This one is a view of our sky from our back yard. It went pretty much the same yesterday too.

Mom is having her house roof painted this week and it's really bad the painter can only spend half of his day doing the job as we expected the rain to fall each afternoon. See the paint drops?

More of our gloomy skies.

Happy Sky watching! More skies here.
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whatandysees said...


Thanks for your visit, better late than never at all?...;)

Your sky does look gloomy for sure, but ours right now isn't bright as that!... no sign of sun at all!....:(

Thanks for your view........

clairz said...

How lovely to have rains that you can count on. Things must really dry off there if you can paint in between. Here, in southern New Mexico in the midst of a big drought, we long for rain in any amount.

You have a beautiful blog.

Dina said...

Shalom Nancy. Your paint drops remind me of icicles. I wish I could send you some of our hot and dry Jerusalem days in exchange for your clouds and maybe rain.

Spiderdama said...

What a wonderful skywatch! I would love to have some palms up here in north.
Happy Sunday to you:-)

Explorerminded said...

gloomy sky....but I like it! it looks like it's about to rain...sorry for the late visit!

EG Wow said...

I really like the palm trees against the cloudy sky. Looks very exotic to me. :)