Tuesday Travel: The Devastated Old Church - Camiguin Island, Philippines

July 12, 2011

Looking at the map of the Philippines, Camiguin Island is just about a size of an old peso coin. Located off the northern coast of Mindanao, Camiguin can be accessible by air, land or sea.

Beautiful beaches, the white sand C-Island, scenic mountains and hills, fresh and natural spring water resorts, the Walkway to the Old Volcano, the famous Sunken Cemetery and these... are the main tourist attractions of Camiguin.

My family and I spent five wonderful days of summer in the island last year. Can you imagine the number of pictures I brought home for that trip alone? But of course I'm not gonna share them all at one shot. I say one at a time.

So for now, here are the scenic remnants of the ruined Guiob Church in 16th century. Click pictures to view full size.

People back there called this a century tree. Although there's no one really around when we entered the premises of the ruined church so I never had a chance to ask the exact name of the tree. Looks like an oak tree to me though.

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