Tuesday Travel: Manila

July 19, 2011

Hello, here's joining late for Tuesday Travel. The entire month's theme is travel photos - of places you've been, that is... so last week I featured few of my Camiguin summer photos, this time I'm headed back to Manila - the farthest I've ever been so far.

It was quite a sad experience for me because I failed to pass my interview at the Philippine US Embassy for a tourist visa - the reason why I went to Manila for the first time in April 2009. Funny how the weather seems to also feel me that day.

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The Philippine US Embassy in Roxas Boulevard
Above is a view of Roxas Boulevard from my hotel room

The following day I spent the rest of my time waiting to catch my flight back home at the Mall of Asia. It was supposed to be a great opportunity to have experienced the third largest mall in Asia for the first time but even that didn't seem to help me get over with the frustrations at all. Oh well... there will always be a next time, they say.
The Landmark: MOA
I got there a bit early so that gave me the chance to walk around and took some pictures while waiting for the mall to open.

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