Lunch by the Beach: Crispy Fried Shrimps and Pinoy Chicken Barbeque with Plain Rice

I seem to love this whole month's theme for Tuesday Travel - CHOW! I understand featuring foods we've had or have tried while on a vacation. So here's my share for the first week.

JK and I had this simple yet sumptuous lunch while exploring Feliz Beach Resort in Davao City last year.
It may look very common but often something ordinary when shared with someone special turns out to be just as pleasurable in the end.

Truth is... JK was not really the daring type when it comes to food... and so am I. During his entire vacation here in the country last year, he never suggested to go out of our way to try exotic foods from places to places. We just simply filled our tummies each time as we did.

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Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer said...

Hello, wow, kalami man ani oi... unya hawud jud mag digi art sista.. ako wez talent... heheh..

g+1 and like from me :) see you!

Rcel said...

Hmm... Davao post again! Makes me miss this place even more!

Have you tried the WISCONSIN CHEESE CURDS? That's what my share is for TT this week! ;-) Hope to see you at my page!

Marites said...

woohh..yummy! been awhile since i've been to Feliz. nalaway ko dah. my Tuesday Travels entry is up too.

zoan said...

yummmy! dami nman ng ngpo-post about davao food adventures ehehe

mine is up here:

Arlene said...

really a local combo. no one can find that food in the restos in new york. hahahaa except siguro kung pinoy restaurant. ^^

yummm sis. i just posted my entry and i hope you can visit back.

peachkins said...

Oh wow! everything is delish!

Reader Wil said...

Brilliant photos! I like these collages! Have a great weekend and thanks for your visit.

jenny said...

You know what? I realized that food, no matter how ordinary, seem to taste even better when shared with your special someone. ;)