Chateau Veronica Apartelle

September 22, 2011

Truly a home away from home - that's Chateau Veronica Apartelle. I couldn’t thank a friend enough for taking me here while I was in search for a place to stay for a 15-day vacation with JK in Davao City last year. It was indeed a perfect decision choosing this place over some luxurious hotels around town. The management is flexible, easy to talk to and can extend quite good favors especially to guests looking for a long-term stay like us. Staffs are very warm and friendly and the place is generally safe plus... it has free WIFI!

In fact, I went there again yesterday to pay for our reservation this year.

It's still the same Studio Room that we want this time around. Unlike hotels rooms, studio type room allows you to do so much more other than just sleeping or watching TV. It is equipped with mini-kitchen provided with a fridge, a dining set and complete cooking utensils where you can make your own food at any time. Whew! I can't wait to taste Stuffed Peppers JK promised to make for me this time.

Room Types:
Superior Room - Single/Double
Deluxe Room - Single/Double
Studio Room - Single/Double
Deluxe Suite - Single/Double
2-Bedoom Unit (good for 6 persons)
4-Bedroom Unit (good for 12 persons)

Long term rates (weekly, monthly, etc. is also available.

How to Get There

When taking a public transport like a jeepney, simply ask the driver to stop at Torres St. Alongside there will be a queue of tricycles with number of routes. Ask a driver who could take you to where Chateau Veronica Apartelle is. Or take a metered taxi if you're not up to multiple rides.
Chateau Veronica Vicinity Map
For reservations, you may call numbers (63) (82) 227-0488, 2224826 or visit their website at!

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