Hof Gorei Resort's Fresh Cold Spring Jacuzzi

In my previous posts I've been talking about my personal experiences with Hof Gorei Resort in Samal Island in Davao. Here's another special feature that April, the resort owner is so proud of that even if our accommodation didn't include the use of this facility, she still invited us to climb up and enjoy it as much as we can.

I'm taking about this fresh, COLD SPRING JACUZZI situated at the hilltop of the resort with 205 steps in cemented stairs offers the breathtaking views of Davao gulf the scenic view of Mt.Apo and the neighboring islands.
With me in this luxurious 3-day, 2-night getaway at Hof was JK. We're both unsure to try it the first time because of the extremely cold water but we did anyway and in fact enjoyed it that we had to climb up again the following day to experience the pleasure for the last time before checking out.

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Pinx said...

wow... i can feel the coldness of the water nance! matuloy pa mo sa inyo bohol escapade next month? hehehe... visiting via TT!

wifetoalineman02 said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful view Sis, never been in that place, visiting from TT, hope you can visit me back


Shydub said...

awww how lovely and romantic, nice entry sis. love the pool or sauna

gagay said...

sweet naman tingnan!

here's my Tuesday Travels entry, by the way.. hope you could lend some time to visit..have a great week ahead!

Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer said...

waaaahhh... sakaon jud tika diha Hof... hahah... late visit nancy from TT :)

World Travel Guide said...

One of the best resorts I've been to. I love that it is secluded and not a lot people are visiting the place every day. It makes my trip there relaxing..