Something to Look Forward To

September 01, 2011

Woot! The 'ber" month is here!! What do we expect? I just love how the time went... in great favor for those who are expecting something exciting to happen like me. Geez, I wish it isn't too soon to talk about it. No, it's not the long December holiday. I still yet to fill my piggy bank? Well it doesn't look like a piggy so how about a treasure box? However you wanna call it, it is still yet to be filled. Ha-ha-ha!

Anyway, what I meant to say is... there's something that's happening (hopefully and with fingers crossed) next month that I am so thrilled about. Something that's will literally and temporarily separates me again from my usual blogging routine.


NO, not just yet. As soon as all are set for sure, I will.

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