EMARS Wavepool in Davao

November 19, 2011

Next time you think of visiting Davao, you might as well include in your to-visit list EMARS Hotel Wavepool and Restaurant. It is located at Times Beach Street in Matina and is 20-minute or so ride via taxi from the downtown area.

EMARS Wavepool in particular is ideal for family with kids. These colorful fun slides below that I took photographs with the last time we went there can better explain why.
Here comes the wave!
Each round of waves last for 30 minutes. They cut it out after and bring the waves back on every hour and a half.
I bet you know how wavepool swimming can be very exhausting especially for kids. Well EMARS have a decent and quite refreshing restaurant too that serves different sumptous meals and replenishing drinks. Their food varies from Filipino, American, Japanese dishes and more.

There’s me waiting for our meal. I posted some photos here too just in case you’re curious what we’ve had for breakfast while waiting for the wavepool area to open that day. :D

The cottages.
Below is a small cottage for 12 pax. This is what JK and I have had and it cost us 500 Php (roughly $12) for a whole day stay.
Larger than this costs 800 Php ($19) and can accommodate up to 24 pax. However, if you really don’t plan on haging around for long, staying under a shaded monobloc table with 6 chairs for only 250 Php (roughly $6) could be a wise choice.

And also before I forget to mention, entrance fee for adult is 200 Php (roughly $5), 150 Php ($3.50) for kids and toddlers 2 years old and below is free.

Obviously the weather went perfectly fine for us that day. We did not only enjoy the place, the beauties around and the time spent for each other but we had so much fun taking keepsakes as well – lots of them for us to remember by. 
More photos of our EMARS' getaway HERE.

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