The Queen of the Skies and the Two Lucky Souls

November 11, 2011

On our way back to Davao from Manila, JK and I were privileged to have flown with Philippine Airline’s Boeing 747 (often referred to as ‘Queen of the Skies’) and I only got a word to describe that experience… AWESOME!

I mean who would imagine an aircraft as huge as that will take a local flight? Or am I just over reacting? Because in all honestly I have flown for quite number of times before but never with a jumbo jet like that. Except with JK of course because he's been with it all through out his international flights.
We got to the airport 4 hours earlier than our flight schedule. While waiting at our gate to board JK and I can’t seem to keep our eyes off it. The craft’s been sitting there for hours like it has some engine trouble that they’re trying to fix or something.

Then the final boarding was called. Oh my God! I was drop-jawed and can’t believe that we were actually heading towards the direction of where the jumbo jet was.

 Everything feels perfect. No anxiousness especially during take off unlike with the smaller aircraft I used to flew with and turbulence were very less felt. From take off till we landed in Davao all I did was to take pictures of almost everything I see using my point and shoot camera – clouds most especially, seas, islands, mountains and skies of course.

Below are photos of (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) NAIA's Terminal 2 runway.

I like how the skies seems to almost kiss the ground in this picture.
 The Davao International Airport lighthouse tower
 The lucky souls... 

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