To Croc Park for the Second Time

November 29, 2011

My big sister couldn’t make it to her little Inah’s school Field Trip last week so like the usual I was appointed to escort the girl all through-out the day.

Unlike last year there were only three places we went to this time and that’s the Crocodile Park (which we been to already last year), the beach and the mall.

Given my opinion I of course enjoyed the last part of the trip which was shopping (who doesn’t?) but for the little ones still it is seeing the different both live and sculpted wild creatures found at the park…

I'm talking about all these...

They are not all you can see at the park. There are still tons of different animals that are yet to be seen like all stages of crocodile, snakes, birds, monkeys and a whole lot more. But these giant ones in the above photos are the charms at the park. With their sizes, they obviously draw more attention to visitors more than the smaller critters around.

The kids having fun around...
Seriously... do you think this is something you can do? Nah! I've said it on my Facebook wall before and I'll say it again... I'd rather do solo sky ride than be with this cold-blooded reptile. But these kids... they got nerves!

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