The Eyecatchers

December 01, 2011

Featuring on the first photo is a nocturnal raptor. The Crocodile Park in Davao has it. This and an eagle did an impressive show for us (the park goers) doing things they are told to do by their keepers such as obeying, catching their food and finding its prey for the eagle.

I simply used a point and shoot camera (a Kodak Series M1033) when taking this photo. I’ve had several attempts catching real nice snap of the birds up on the air. This turned out to be the luckiest one I got.
Yesterday on the other hand, I took advantage of the good weather. We’ve been getting showers pretty much every day for the whole month of November making me stuck in to my room most of the time. But not when the sun finally decided to show up for a little while yesterday. I stepped out, inspected the sky up and first thing I saw were these birds and it appears as though they’re talking about something. I thought the two looked adorable together made me grab my camera and voila, there’s them on my memory stick. Little did these birds know they’re going to make it to Skywatch Friday today!  ;)

To Croc Park for the Second Time (click to see more photos of the park)

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