Air Travel Entertainment for Kids

January 16, 2012

Flying with kids? Get through a long flight with your toddler with fun products and easy games. Below are a dozen of helpful suggestions:

1. Bring coloring to the next level with the Crayola Mess Free Coloring set where colors magically appear. Keep his creativity going with its 3D explosion version or try the Secret Decoder Set where your child can write a message in invisible ink and reveal it only with a decoder marker.
2. Bring fabric books that come with fun activities to keep your toddler’s hands busy. Let him lace a shoe, make faces at the mirror or move letters around.
3. The Magic Slate is a tried and tested classic and is always fun for kids. Let them scribble away and instantly erase and start again.

4. Zip Bin bring-along Backpacks turn into a doll house, a street race set or a dinosaur playground! The backpack can store your child’s precious little dolls, cars or dinosaur figurines.

5. Entertain him with a kaleidoscope, and he can pretend to be a world explorer in search of land beyond the clouds.
6. Let him take photos, pretend or otherwise, of everything around him. A kiddie camera is a great buddy for your little photographer.
 7. Bring a drawing book and a stamp pad set. Let her create a story highlighted by stamp galore!
8. Get your child lots of fun stickers and a sticker book. You can select his favorite characters on the internet and print them on sticker paper.

9. IPAD or Iphone provide endless hours of fun. With its huge selection of games, interactive story books, music and videos, your child will remain engaged for a major part of your trip.
10. Jigsaw Puzzle pieces can be placed in a zip lock bag for easy handling. Choose puzzle that have big pieces.
10. Bring some of his favorite movies and songs along with a portable DVD player. Be sure to take a set of headphones in case he wants to watch his shows while other passengers of the plane are fast asleep.
12. A hungry toddler is hard to manage so be sure not to forget his favorite snacks.
Flying with fussy toddlers can mean nightmares for most moms. Banish the stress with these product that guarantee hours of fun for your toddler, and some peace and quiet time for you. Present it one by one so you’ll have enough surprises to last throughout the trip.

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