Bohol’s Popular Take Home Goodies

March 28, 2012

Brother brought home all these from his recently concluded 3-week vacation in Bohol. Actually, those were just what a small play table can handle. There are still more of those goodies on a much bigger table on the side not only for us but for some of his friends as well.

Kalamay-hati (both in coconut shell and a round plastic container) is Bohol’s popular homecoming treat or locally known as pasalubong. It is made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground glutinous rice. In Bohol, it is usually flavored with peanut. It can be eaten alone but can be a good bread mate too. It is similar to the Chinese Nian gao (also known as tikoy in the Philippines) but is sweeter and more vicious. Its packaging is distinctive for being sold inside halved smooth coconut shells, locally known as bagol or paya; thus, the name kalamay-hati (literally ‘half Kalamay’). These containers are then sealed shut with a characteristic red crepe paper (papel de japon).

Peanut Kisses (made of high quality peanuts and egg whites).

Inspired by the famous Hershey Kisses chocolates of the United States, the Boholanos made their own version of Kisses, and poof, Peanut Kisses was conceived. Later on, they decided to make the Chocolate Hills, the popular Bohol attraction, the concept of such specialty.

In a very short period of time, the locally-made kisses became a hit among tourists and visitors. Aside from the fact that it signifies Bohol with its chocolate hills-like formation, it is light, crisp and really delicious. (Source)

For the rest of goodies on the above picture, Shamrock as seen on the label is obviously from Cebu while Vandep’s Pastel is from Camiguin. Brother had a short stop in Cebu after leaving Bohol and that’s how she got the rest of those.

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