More of Little Brother in Bohol

March 15, 2012

Exactly 12 days ago since little brother left to Bohol. His two weeks is more than half way through now and each day more and more photos are sent my way… well not exactly but uploaded on his Facebook account for me to freely grab anytime I want them. I just couldn’t talk to him that much yet though for the details of some of the pictures… just like this first one below.

I know of the famous Panglao but I am not really sure if this was it.

And I really had to constantly remind him not to forget the Tarsier. Well not only he did snap pics but also posed like one for me, hahaha...
The Philippine Tarsier -- one of the smallest primates on earth.
The Sagbayan Peak... I understand this is where Bohol's primary attraction, Chocolate Hills is located.

The Chocolate Hills! I'm sure brother got more of this in his upcoming uploads.
I really do wonder, is there any way we can go down and up to one of those hills?

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