Little Brother on Cebu's Skywalk

Live the Experience… Love the Adventure!
My little brother did when he had his first Skywalk adventure few weeks ago at the tallest hotel tower in the country, the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in Cebu City. The event wrapped up his 3-weeks Bohol/Cebu vacation. I’d rather say it’s more heart-pounding compared to ziplining (the most daring thing I have ever done so far. Or is it?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy! Your brother is brave! Looking at the Skywalk pics of him, I still can't forget the excitement and fear I had when I experienced the extreme walk myself (with my family). It sure is more heart pounding than that of the Zipline experience we had in Davao. Scary yet, if there's a chance, I wanna do it again! Lol!

Stay young and beautiful as always!

cebu beach resorts said...

Aside from the great beach resorts that cebu has to offer, i also want to try the different extreme adventures there. And one of which is the skywalk extreme. I will definitely give this a try when i get the chance to go back to cebu. thanks for the brilliant pics. Looks awesome.:-)