Travel Deals, Steals and Discounts

April 28, 2012

Summer is a great time for the entire family to relax and bond. If you’re iffy about going on a getaway because of the costs, don’t worry. Here, cost-cutting tips for a little bit of travel luxury this summer.

1. Register at group-buying sites. Companies like Groupon, Ensogo, and MetroDeal are online coupon resources that partner with various hotels, airline companies and travel agents. By taking advantage of their travel deals you can save as much as over half the price on airfare, accommodations, and tours.

2. Subscribe to airlines newsletters and updates. Try to frequent airline websites to check for discounts and find out about scheduled sales.

3. Go for packages. Try looking into packages instead of booking them individually. You can find all-in-one packages that come with airfare, accommodations and tours. When traveling with a group, process your bookings together so you can avail of all-inclusive (and more affordable) group packages.

4. Read up. To gain access to coupon deals, travel packages, and other vacation info and ideas, read travel magazines and browse through travel sites for essential travel tips and ideas.

5. Think beyond summer. If you really want to save money on vacations, skip the summer crowd and travel during off-peak seasons where everyone else is busy and travel expenses become very cheap.

Source: Good Housekeeping Mag (March 2012 issue)

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