The Gorgeous Niagra Falls

No I have never been there. The photo is courtesy of a friend.

Would I wanna be there if I get a chance? Absolutely! Who would refuse to be amazed by it’s beauty? I know my mind do wander at times but there’s no harm to it, now is there?

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Jessica Cassidy said...

beautiful Niagara Falls :-) fortunately we live an hour drive from the mighty Niagara Falls, the view is breath taking indeed! I never get tired of going there every year :-) the beauty of the falls is just amazingly beautiful :-) Dropping by from Wednesday Whites

Beng Gee said...

I wish I could have a chance to see that gorgeous falls as well. Perhaps, it would only be in my dreams.

Have a nice day Nancy!

raya said...

I really dream to see this falls in person! thanks for sharing... and for joining WW!