Your Family's Vacation Bucket List

July 01, 2012

There's nothing like taking a trip together to bring out every family member's adventurous side. To make your trips even more memorable, come up with a vacation bucket list. This way you drum up excitement for a trip that's weeks or months away. Call it a mash-up of your sense of fun with your sense of purpose. After all, vacation time is precious. You should enjoy every minute of it. So we've put together a vacation bucket list -- featuring an all-local line up -- that's sure to dispel those "What are we going to do now?" lulls in your day trips, weekend jaunts or week-long out-of town sojourns.


Explore the summer capital via its fruit and vegetable stalls. Get your kids involved in a friendly contest while you teach them how to choose the right produce. For instance, you can ask them to find the largest strawberry or the cutest zucchini. The prize could be the right to choose where the family eats for dinner. TIP: Give your kids a list of the qualities of the idea produce or a list of questions they need to ask the vendors.


If your family loves Chinese food, go to Manila's Chinatown and sample the offerings of its various restaurants and eateries. To make things more interesting, you can decide on a foodie mission - such as searching for the five best Dimsum places in the area. After you've made the rounds, the family can discuss the ranking on the food list.  TIP: If you're not familiar with the area, do some online research and get hold of a map before you go on your Binondo food trip so you won't miss any must-visit spots.


Make your trip to the popular beach locale more memorable by trying out parasailing. It may look like an extreme sport, but it's not. In fact, many parasailing newbies say it's actually quite fun. How can you resist flying over Boracay - even if it's just for a few minutes? TIP: Scout for the best price being offered for parasailing services on the island. It's a pricey activity - what with the speedboat ride, the boatman's fee, and the paraphernalia rental - so make it count if you're going for it. Take lots of pictures or get it on video. Your parasailing memory will be truly priceless.


Visitors to Cebu usually troop to the cities or the tried -and-tested spots on the island of Mactan - but the region also boasts little-known towns that are havens for history buffs. One such town is Boljoon. Located in the southernmost tip of Cebu, the quiet town's Nuestra Senora Patrociniode Maria is the oldest remaining original stone church in Cebu and has been declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Institute. The church has been built in the 18th century, but archaeologists found some 16th century artifacts buried in the church's lawn. The church itself has an impressive collection of artifacts. TIP: Your starting point should be Cebu City. From there, go to the South Bus Terminal and board a bus to Boljoon. There are aircon and non-aircon buses. The trip takes about three hours, so bring your on-the-road goodies. It's best to go early so you can get back to Cebu City by dinner time at the latest.

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