Exploring Philippines: Tinuy-An Falls, Surigao del Sur

August 27, 2012

Shortly after having lunch at Enchanted River, our group wasted no time and headed right away to our next destination for the day, the Tinuy-An Falls.

True from what I’ve heard and from what I am being told – this place is such a wonder – a really must-see!

From the Enchanted River we drove about an hour and a half to reach Tinuy-An Falls. Again, there’s no better way to get as much as comfortable while touring around Surigao del Sur than bringing your own vehicle especially when you come in a big group. Not all roads are well-paved especially the small ones while approaching to any of these attractions I have mentioned. But that shouldn’t stop tourists to still come and see all these beauties for themselves.

Tinuy-An Falls I must say will be best experienced if you come in a group. I am grateful my peers we’re all in for some real adventure that time. We all climbed up to the water fall’s peak and see for ourselves how it feels like being tapped by the heavy flowing water from above. The current was no joke but we dared and enjoyed it. It felt like we’re getting a hydraulic massage, LOL!

More photos here.

Up next on this blog is our final stop in Britania Group of Islands. Stay tuned!

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