Surigao del Sur Weekend Getaway with Friends

August 07, 2012

So, my old friends from High School and I made it last weekend! It all just started with a quick gathering and all of a sudden everyone wants to go on an out of town trip where we could bond and catch up with each other. Few places were proposed but Bislig in Surigao del Sur and its popular tourist destinations topped the rest. So North bound it is…

Saturday (4th) at around four O’clock in the morning is when we started hitting the road. There were ten of us on board in a van courtesy of our friend, Randy. From where we jumped off towards our first destination for the day was a 4-hour drive.

First Stop: The Enchanted River

Where we had our first meal for the day…
Approaching to the place itself is no joke. With an unpaved, curvy and some hilly 15 km passage way, I must say the safest car to use when going there are the big ones whether you come in a group or not. But hey, don’t let this description give you the wrong impression. Enchanted River is still a must-see place.

So after having breakfast, we wasted no time and the group headed on to a beach hopping. For that we rented 2 small boats (with a capacity of 5bpersons/boat) for Php 120/each/hour (approx. $3/hr). 

By the time we came back it’s already lunch time and boy, did we all get surprised on how much crowded the place had become? Good thing we still have our rented cottage. We took lunch shortly after we got back, waited a while to witness the renowned fish feeding and finally left the place for our next destination for the day.

Second Stop: Tinuy-an Falls

This attraction if I am not mistaken is what Bislig City is most famous for. It’s an hour drive and a half from the Enchanted River. What else can I say? Tinuy-an Falls is simply gorgeous and it is such a delight to be able to witness such wonder of nature before your very eyes. Of course our group didn’t miss taking tons of keepsakes while enjoying the experience.

It’s almost five in the afternoon when we left Tinuy-an Falls but before finally hitting the long road to go the place where we intended to stay for the night, the group decided to make a quick visit at the International Doll House.

Short Stop: International Doll House 

We really hadn’t got the chance to enter the Doll House to see what it looks like inside but we at least had a nice overview of Bislig City.
Joan Resort in Britania is a 2-hour drive from Bislig City. It is where we stayed for the night – the closest place from our final destination for the following day, Sunday – Britania Group of Islands. After dinner and before calling it a night, we’ve had a short drinking and a sing along session.

Everybody woke up to a breezy morning the following day. Ah—what a pleasant feeling it was! Everyone was excited to see what’s in store for all of us on that final day of our trip.

After having breakfast we went on island hopping right away and this time we’re all on a much larger boat together.

Yes, island hopping in Britania Group of Islands it is, for the final day! But pardon the sloppy me but of all four islands that we made a stop to, only the name “Naked Island” is all I can recall.

Check out some of our photos below...

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