Exploring Philippines: Britania Group of Islands, Brgy. San Agustin, Surigao del Sur

September 04, 2012

As mentioned, here’s the final installment of our Surigao del Sur escapade. But before that you may want to check out our photos here at Enchanted River and Tinuy-An Falls.

Like what people say a breakthrough visit to Surigao del Sur would not be complete if you miss San Agustin’s cluster of islets called Britania Group of Islands – a perfect place to be for island hopping.

So we’re all keyed up for our final adventure. This time we needed one bigger boat that could tuck us all in and not divide us into two groups unlike what happened in Enchanted River when we had the beach hopping. It was roughly 15-20 minutes boat ride and on the first island we touched down.  


A closer look...

Ah – look at that… so pure, powdery white sand and so pristine water – instantly made me drop that Boracay dream I used to have.
Nothing amazes me like this beautifully kept secret of Surigao del Sur did. I so wanted to soak and not come out from the water for a while if not for that next islet that we cannot wait to uncover too – the NAKED ISLAND

So bare that I couldn’t help but to feel its nakedness by pretending to bask for a pose, ;)
Oh - la - la...
so can't help it...
Our group moments...
And now on to our final stop - 
BOSLON ISLAND – believed to be the largest islet in the group surrounded by different rock formations on one side; and on the opposite side is the powdery white sand stretching out to the bluish green waters.

And would I miss posing for keepsakes on those giant rocks?

I didn’t know until I’ve read reviews that Boslon could make a perfect location for an overnight camping. Maybe our group could have stayed there for the night. Anyway, leaving Boslon Island was the perfect chance to get a gorgeous view of the islets sprouting like mushrooms out of the sea – so fascinating!

And here's a final pose of our group before leaving the last island we've visited...

I obviously got so mesmerized the entire tour that I didn’t bother to ask things I need to know about the place from our tour guide. That’s what made me obligated to do some post-research and found out that Britania Group of Islands is composed of 24 beautifully scattered islands and islets lying on those waters of Lianga Bay facing the Pacific Ocean.

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