Importance of Diamond Certification

September 20, 2012

There are two diamond certification organizations that are widely known, respected and accepted. The battle between AGS vs GIA lab continues to be questioned despite the fact that there is no competition at all. Both believe in each other, say the same thing for all the diamonds that they assess, only, AGS (American Gem Society) has more figures to show when it comes to the cut. It is like having more details which GIA (Gemological Institute of America) cannot give.

Why do you need the certification for your diamonds? First of all, it rules out the possibility that your gem is stolen. Even gifts come with the certification.

For tracking. When you store your gems, separate them from the documents so that in case of untoward incidents like theft you can report such without going through the hassles of proving yourself because you have the evidence of ownership.

For business. When you are into buying and selling, the certification can tell your buyers what the actual value of your gems is. It is important because any client needs proof that what you are selling to them is genuine and is legally acquired. It will give them assurance that everything was taken care of without deceit. These days fraud is everywhere and if there’s one thing we least expect to happen to us – that’s to get screwed.

Peace of mind. Buying from a black market usually saves you money. However, the lack of certification makes the value of the gems lower. Not only you’re losing the value of your investment but without the certification, you also lost the peace of mind you could have had by buying from reputable stores. Without peace of mind, you can get sick and your health will continue to fail. Then you will spend more of what you have supposedly saved.

Where a diamond exists, the certification should, too.

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