Trip to the Movie House + More (Fun Overload)

September 23, 2012

From the province where I live, there are no movie houses and don’t ask me why because I don’t have the answer. I would probably suggest it to myself should I have the luxury of finances to start a business of my own but I don’t either so every once in a while I just help myself with worth-spending and watching movies on a theater. Good thing I have wonderful buddies to do it with. So off to the nearest city, we go.

Taking a public transport (regular bus), it would take up two hours to get to the nearest city but because we hit the road with our own car, it only took us nearly an hour and that made us over 30 minutes earlier before the last full movie was shown. And so we made use of that spare time taking pictures of us. Knowing me… every single swing I do seems pointless without keepsakes so anywhere I go, there’s my camera too and my friends knew it well. So here you go… keepsakes of our movie trip.

my trip buddies from left: Elbert, Jeovan, Roy, Jonna, Liezel and myself

I’m actually impressed with those three gentlemen above whom we were with. Who would have thought they would give in to the kind of movie we, ladies suggested to watch but obviously they did.

So after the movie, we headed right away to where we could fill our growling tummies.

Define frugal dinner…

I know saving for the next thing in mind right?

Could this be it? (Forgive the blurry photos ahead... that's the trouble of asking someone to take pictures for you.)

Okay, we actually had just a bucket of beer from that bar that we went to and then we left. I thought what we had was enough. But how would we ladies really knew what the guys had in their minds? Hitting the road on our way back there’s this relatively new videoke bar called Axel Dave along the highway that our friend, Elbert knew of. And what do you know… after announcing it’s his treat, we just all agreed to his offer in an instant – something we didn’t regret of saying yes to because the place was indeed nice.

It’s not the offensive kind of videoke bar and not annoying at all compared to the other videoke bars that I’ve tried to before. In fact, we all look forward to going back there.

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