Our Fair Share of Super Storm Pablo's Wrath

January 27, 2013

Around two A.M. on the 4th of December 2012 when a hard pouring woke me up from my sleep. And then the power started to get interrupted. I sure knew there’s a forecast about that typhoon coming our way but none of us know what it was going to be like. So it started with a hard rain and two hours after the wind begun blowing. From time to time it changes course and speed. Power is totally out this time.

This post that stood a few feet in front of my room was the very first thing to give in. Good thing there’s our Rambutan tree to catch it before it could drop down to the ground. I couldn’t imagine the worst thing to happen if it fell off towards the other direction. Whoa! Glad it didn’t!

So yea, I managed to grab my camera and took as many photos as I could. As soon as I see light outside, I threw occasional looks through the windows to see how things are going outside. The fruits from the tree we’re already on the ground, the trees and the rest of our poor plants were falling off. And then we hear banging here and there. I couldn’t describe exactly the sound of the storm but it sure was very frightening.

Photos of our yard...

We just kept ourselves in at moms the whole time till the storm decided to halt after 5-long hours. We had no idea how destructive it was till I stepped out the door to see the whole picture of our then peaceful place. I can’t almost believe it. I started taking pictures again and so is one of my neighbors.

Tell me how can you not lose your power supply with this?

Our house...

Later I noticed the water’s creeping in stealthily and yes quickly. I hurried back to my room to start saving my stuffs. I placed my camera and my cellphone on top of mom’s fridge. Just as I had my desktop computer in a safe place, my own fridge went out of balance. I realized the water is already thigh high so I went out to seek help from mom and my sister. Before we know it, my digital camera, the cellphone along with the other stuffs on top of mom’s fridge already swoop down to the water. I felt so damn helpless that I cried while going through the water trying to recover the stupid thing. It took a little while but I did find it as well as my phone.

The water is growing still. We can’t stay any longer. We have the kids and ourselves to save so off to the nearest evacuation area we go. If I could paint a picture of us people while saving ourselves I would. For a while I went blank and yes who could sleep at night being in that situation—all wet and without clothes to change on, starving, overwhelming surroundings... I just wish the night is through and we can go back home again. Well mom and I did, the following morning and our new world starts to unfold before us.

Why fair share… because somehow my family remained intact – something we’re grateful about to God somehow.

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