The Fairy HobMother is Still on Tour

I was all busy restoring after super storm Pablo rummage my place when the Fairy HobMother made a stop here and and to my other pages - a proof that he's still on tour - spreading out joy across the blogosphere.

It's indeed surprising! I am thankful to those who have previously posted about him to their blogs. Reading their posts is how I've learned about the generous fairy and how interesting his deeds are.

This time I'd like your blogs to get noticed too by him. Simply comment on this post and see which of your blogs would catch his interest the most.

Good luck!
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Redruby said...

that is such a blessing when she visited you..congrats sis..hope she will visit me one day too!
diri na blog ay..

hapi new year sis!

gagay said...

nyay! hopefully the fairy Hobmother would really visit my blog/s and liked them too... anyways, congrats and enjoy the hobmother's blessings te Nans.. :)