Barangay Andap, New Bataan, Compostela Valley Province After Superstorm Pablo

February 04, 2013

We’ve visited Brgy. Andap in New Bataan, Compostela Valley Province for the first time about two weeks after typhoon, Pablo devoured on this once nature-filled place on the 4th of December. Extremely eager to see the abrupt transformation, my sister, Thea and I went for a roughly $10 special trip just to make the tricycle driver get us to the place. Oh and that was after I was able to revive my digital camera, by the way. I wouldn’t have gone there if not for that fact… Sue me!

Now on to the place… please be warned, this is a photo-packed post.

Approaching to that exact spot where the said landfall took place, you’ll see people/victims along the street waiting to receive assistance in any form which from what I have noticed were constant, by the way as we see different supply carriers back and forth while on our way. Many of them were homeless – a real heart-breaking scenes to look at.

Remains of this chapel below became an instant landmark of the new Andap. It where the stopping point is.
I was surprise about the number of people (both locals and non-locals) who got interested and actually took time to come and see the place for themselves. I wonder if they have actually gone there for once or how many times in their lives before the unfortunate incident happened.

People who live towards the mountains needs lifted just so they could cross and make it to their homes without harming themselves with the raging water.

If you must know this place is known for its then constantly-visited BAMBOO GARDEN RESORT. Yea, I should make a separate post on that… just need some time to go through my hard drive for the old photos. The last time I’ve been there with my family was in 2011.

Just to give you a quick idea, it was a pretty nice resort with everything fresh – the air, the water, and the scenes and if you’re the type of person who likes to confide with nature, the then BAMBOO is the best bet, for sure…. but not until nature poured down its wrath to mankind.

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