Davao, Here I Come Again!

March 12, 2013

Days to go and I should be saying hello to Davao again. It will be a bit longer for an exclusive vacation and with someone special this time. Days and I can already sense the excitement. I just hope the chocolates that he readied for me won’t give a bad toothache though. That would sure be a blunder! Yes, he got me chocolates (fruity and the ones with lots nuts in it) and why not? I can be a kid at heart too, you know…

But of course more than the chocolates and the chips, the chance of meeting him for the first time is what thrills me the most. Exploring places with a then complete stranger and try to make the experiences as comfortable as possible would be a great challenge for me. Stranger in a sense that he comes from a totally different world (thousands of miles away from me) although I don’t see him that way now especially that we really get to virtually talk and see each other every day. The meeting as you probably have known is to validate the progressing relationship between us. We feel this is something we need to do and so we are and I can’t believe it is happening in less than a week. I am a lot more anxious now than I was when we were still planning this whole thing out just a month ago. Whew! How time flies in haste!

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