On Welcoming a Guest

Welcoming a guest (a special one) for the first time for me can be an overwhelming event. Other people could make use of a nice marching band and a real neat sousaphone at wwbw or other playing instruments to serenade the guest but not me. That is what I told my guest when we satirically discussed about the subject days before he stepped out and made his way to the Philippines to meet me for the first time. I could rather throw a warm hug and probably a kiss (which is what I did, by the way) way easily than do the serenading thing although I see nothing wrong with it. And I am glad he’s not into such thing as well or I would have ended up being impolite by appointing someone to welcome him for me instead.
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Tita Beng said...

Hmmnn.. a welcome hug is just right I think for someone you'll meet for the first time.

Good luck to you and this new found friend.