The Drums and Why it Attracts Me More than the Rest of the Instruments in a Band

March 05, 2013

I seemed to get musical lately. On my other page I blogged about bass instrument and its importance. This time and over here I’d like to talk a little bit about Tama Drums or drum sets and why it attracts me more than the rest of the instruments in a band.

It is probably easy to say that a group band can never be a band without the drums or the drummer. That’s how it always been, right?

I know I have mentioned guitar is my most favorite but only without the rest of the band instruments because if I am to watch a band playing, it is always the drums that gets my attention most of the time – probably because it is the loudest instrument and it defines the rhythm of the song being played.

Drummers in my opinion are the ones that carries the rest of the band. It is their job to provide the beat or rhythmic/percussive element that the music requires. I can’t define what exact qualities a good drummer should possess but to me if a rock band sounds good, then it is sure because the drummer and the bassist are doing a good job.

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