What Could the Girls want for a Summer Class

March 06, 2013

It’s summer! And for the kids around our household it means both fun and learning. It is because mom once again offered to pay for them to enroll in a specialized summer class. It’s not going to take all of their summer time so some of them might go like they did the last time. The school (where mom is working) offers summer classes for academics, dancing, singing, instrument playing (guitar, ukulele and piano) and computer lessons.

I know my niece; Jam would like to learn how to play the Ukelele. I know it’s an illusion to take her to lanikai ukulele guitar center but hey, she’s going to have one of her own, regardless.

Both of my girls on the other hand took the reading and speech classes as per suggested the last time. This time I think I should just let them decide.

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