Two Happy Souls, We Are

April 13, 2013

Luxurious vacation for me is when you stay in a nice hotel room for number of days and all you do is relax and spend money every way you can. When you’re on vacation you make no room for worries. You don’t have to think about work or the stress of not having your healthy eating plate while dining at restaurants. Relaxing and to some point, indulging is what vacation is all about and Ricky and I are just two lucky souls to had one last month. How I wish it didn’t have to end but like what I am well aware of, it must as we both have lives to live with separately for the time being until we work things out.

For now we’re both happy we’ve finally met and those eight solid days of being together I can tell was very well spent.

Some of our photos together…

 photo geerick_zps6c105a3e.png

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