Davao City's Panoramic View

May 04, 2013

There’s this place at Alu Hotel in Davao where Ric and I used to hangout whenever we need to breathe some fresh air. It is at the 6th floor of the building and it is also where Ric took this panoramic view of Davao from using his iPhone. (Click image to view full size.)

Isn’t it gorgeous?

It was a really cool place to be especially at night when the lovely moon and stars are out. I could make use of it to effectively get through some difficult writing tasks. If I had to integrate subjects like print envelopes into a travel page like this for instance, it would have been easier if done in such a peaceful place. But I wasn’t there to work of course. I may have had still but I opted to just relax and enjoyed my time with Ric instead. We think we both badly needed that break and we indeed had such a great one solid week together.

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