Pinoy Bersyon

May 30, 2013

Best things about being a Filipino...
Sing-a-long. Filipinos love to sing, and thank God a lot of us do it well!

Sari-sari store. There's one in every corner, offering everything that you might need on a daily basis... from shampoo to Band-Aid... name it...

Cockfighting. Filipino men love it more than their wives (sometimes).

Pasalubong. Our way of sharing the thrills and delights of a trip, and a wonderful excuse to shop without the customary guilt.

Jeepneys. Colorful, fast, reckless, a vehicle of postwar Pinoy ingenuity, this Everyman's communal cadillac makes for a cheap, interesting ride. If the driver's a daredevil (as they usually are), better hang on to your seat.


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