Pinoy Treat

May 24, 2013

Best thing about being a Filipino (pagdating sa kainan!): 
Merienda. Where else is it normal to eat 5 times a day? (Ay eto..hindi lang pinoy na pinoy kundi akong- ako ito!) hmm.. I love having merienda and these are among my favorites:

Pansit palabok

this is something I can't resist

and here's more...

a flour coated hard boiled egg and of course it comes with...
Sawsawan. Assorted sauces that guarantee freedom of choice, enough room for experimentation and maximum tolerance for diverse tastes. Famous pinoy sawsawan are toyo't calamansi (soy sauce & lime) , suka at sili (vinegar with chili) and patis.

Fiesta. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow is just another day, shrugs the poor man who, once a year, honors a patron saint with this sumptuous, no-holds-barred spread. It's a Pinoy celebration at its pious and riotous best.

Kamayan style
. To eat with one's hand and eschew spoon, fork and table manners--ah, heaven!

Street food: Barbecue, lugaw, banana-cue, fishballs, IUD (chicken entrails), adidas (chicken feet), warm taho. Forget hepatitis; here's cheap, tasty food with gritty ambience.

at syempre, di mawawala and paborito ng mga batang pinoy
(Filipino children's favorite)

Dirty ice cream. Very Pinoy flavors that make up for the risk: munggo (green beans), langka (jackfruit), ube(purple yam), mais (corn), keso (cheese), macapuno (soft coconut meat) . Plus there's the colorful cart that recalls jeepney art.

Hala! nabusog ba kayo?!!


Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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