Vacation Wrap Up Plan

May 15, 2013

Time runs out so fast. Soon my brother and his family will be leaving back to Bohol where they live. Their close to 2-month vacation here with their baby will be over and only time can tell when they will be coming back. A sort of a farewell party is set for them this coming weekend. That means another get together for both families and did I just hear they’ve booked a videoke machine for a day? Everyone will sure have a blast. How I wish I could make use of an excellent zoom h4n to record my voice singing one of my favorite songs. That has been a long-time dream, LOL.

Mom is sure going to miss her sweet grandbaby, JLo and so are we. She’s been a darling and the center of attention in our family all throughout their stay. Hopefully we can visit them too and their beautiful place before the year ends. Well, that’s a plan. We just have to make it happen.

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