Cebu Beaches and Resorts

June 14, 2013

Going through my file packed External Hard Drive I found some old photos from years ago which I don’t think I have blogged about at all. They’re from my close to a year vacation in the Queen City of the South, Cebu. I’m amazed. I didn’t even realize I had all these gorgeous Cebu beach photos all along. Well not until I stumbled on them again this morning of course.

It was Philippine Labor Day in 2008 when my friend Bebe and I decided to explore White Beach in Moalboal – the town where I lived in Cebu.

White Beach Resort, Moalboal

White Beach is all about vast, thick white sand and crystal clear beach water. It is one of the most frequented resorts by both foreigners and locals in Moalboal. 

Club Serena at White Beach
Erratum: photo was taken, May 1, 2008. To my excitement, I forgot to adjust the camera settings, LOL!

Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

This resort is just less than half a mile from where I stayed and is fronting the Japanese restaurant that my younger sister, Thea used to manage. Can you imagine yourself waking up to this beauty each morning? I used to. But that was only until I found myself a place to stay. Remember that was a long vacation and I can’t stay in a business establishment the whole time 

Lambug Beach Resort, Badian

Talking about pristine water, Lambug Beach has it. It was an under developed resort but has already been bought by a developer (well that’s according to its caretaker) by the time we visited the place. Situated in a far-flung area, I remember the only way to get there is to have your own car or rented vehicle. Otherwise, you’ll walk some serious distance. But that was five years ago and should I given a chance I’d sure love to go back to see what it has become now.

Finally, there’s my Cebu friends and I striking a pose before finally departing the place. Ah --- I miss those days. Wish I could have gone back. It's been years.

Lens: 6MP Polaroid i633

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