DCG Family Swimming Pool at Lizada, Toril Davao City

July 31, 2013

Excuse the not-so-good photo of the exterior of the place. My camera as usual doesn’t do well with evening shots but I swear you will love it here. To those who give emphasis on privacy of an event, DCG Family Swimming Pool is the place to be.

 photo DCGFamilySP54_zps913a1de4.jpg

It is where my brother and his wife treated their daughter during her 5th birthday this year. They rented the entire place for 12 hours and everyone especially the kids had some solid fun together. It has two swimming pools – a 6 feet one for adults and one for the children. It also has 3 air-conditioned rooms that you can rent for a price. In our case, since we rented the whole place, we got to make use of all the available facilities around including the entertainment bar that reminds me of excellent used drums for sale at musicians friend. :)

 Here we go with some "selfie" photos... Just so you see what's around DCG...

 photo DCGFamilySP79_zps10f54183.jpg
 photo DCGFamilySP76_zps800f4343.jpg
 photo DCGFamilySP47_zps68b8ad15.jpg

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