Crocs at Juvenile Stage

November 03, 2013

Photo location: The Davao Crocodile Park
Diversion Road Maa, Davao City, Philippines

This animal park in Davao City is popular for both foreign and local tourists. It mainly showcases crocodiles of different species, stages and sizes.

The largest of the country finds its residence in this park. It's a 200 million years survivor crocodile called "Pangil" a Filipino translation of the word "fang". But then we were very much amazed with the numbers of the small ones. They're incredibly entertaining and awesome to look at!

My friends and I are looking to spend a day at the park some time this month to have their exotic crocodile recipes one more time.I'd probably need to save on zoom microphone first because being exotic, certainly crocs dishes are a bit pricey.

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