February 21, 2014

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Tattoo. Many people say it's a self-expression while other says it's an art... a body ornament. The word literally means to mark. To mark a body symbol using needles.

When I was in Cebu, I happen to met one Belgian guy with arms and legs all wrapped with tattoo of different designs. He's a white guy though you can never tell he was with all those dark colored symbols marked on his body... and not to mention the color of clothes that he likes to wear which is black. To me, he depicts an appearance of a typical hoodlum or a gangster.

At first I was too hesitant to talk to him because he's got this very intimidating look. I thought he was rough and rude but I was wrong. He's actually a very soft spoken person and loves to talk so we eventually became friends. He even told me some stories about the significance of wearing those tattoos. Though I still can't imagine how he did endure all the pain and agony that he has to go through to complete it and to obtain that what according to him an "art".

I've been asked if I can consider having one. Hmm, maybe yes but just no beyond adhesive tattoos, LOL!

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