6th Folder - 6th Picture Tag

March 14, 2014

Got this unique tag from a co-blogger named Lynn back then. I still wonder why 6 and not 7, 8 or 9... lol!

Anyway, as per rule, the picture to be posted should come from the 6th folder... unfortunately the 6th folder in my hard drive contains all videos so I had to jump right to the next so that's what made this the 6th picture from the 7th folder. 

The image you see below is the PESCADOR ISLAND. One of the finest diving spots located off the coast of Cebu. This was taken when my friend and I were chanced to sail with the foreign sea explorers towards this Island during one of their diving sessions. From a divers perspective it is an ideal dive site having easy access from the shore - a 10 minute 3 km boat ride from Panagsama Beach and a great range of dive sites from shallow to deep dives and snorkeling.

That was another groovy experience I have had here in Cebu. Though I wasn't able to learn the actual diving as planned, just being able to visit the real diving places like this was such a fun treat! I should have gotten the lesson for free if only I wasn't too chicken to try it.  

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