Photographer's 52 Captures Challenge: Week 2, Clouds

January 15, 2016

Clouds - one of the subjects I love taking pictures of.

 photo 5b7baaa3-4bb5-42c4-be6d-7bbdccb87bb7_zps4tkrt2rh.jpg

I took this one while boarding Philippine Airline's Queen of the Skies Boeing 747 jumbo jet on my way back to Davao from a Manila trip few years back. It was a once in a lifetime chance after we were informed that the aircraft that was supposed to take us home weren't able to fly. 

It was an awesome experience and a very relaxing one that all I did the whole time was to take pictures of the different formation of clouds. My feelings then was indescribable having the pleasure while embracing the beauty of creation. If given another chance, I will do exactly the same thing again and will tell it to the world again how lucky I'll be.

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