Photographer's 52 Captures Challenge: Week 3, Red

January 22, 2016

The tired and weary feet...

 photo 97d7db90-2618-456b-99dd-2df3fab0d2a3_zpsen7hurfy.jpg

It was summer and there were too many passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Terminal 3 that we couldn't find ourselves a place to sit and hang around while waiting for our flight back to Davao so we, (my colleagues at work and I) ended up sitting on the floor along with other passengers.

 photo 010f645f-715c-4c87-844b-0133e45c63ae_zpsn1rzyp1y.jpg

Sometimes when you're caught on situations like this and you find everyone else is doing what they had to do to feel comfortable, you simply just don't mind. When you get back to reality and you look back that's is when you feel crazy and stupid and even laugh at what you did. I guess that's part of traveling. You have to expect the unexpected.

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