Photographer's 52 Captures Challenge, Week 5, Fruit

February 05, 2016


 photo 2bf0ea74-014c-446f-a483-9bd34a1ff30c_zpslwt0fyyw.jpg 

It resembles and  about twice the size of grapes, Lanzones is one of the seasonal fruits here in the Philippines.
Evey year, typically around October, people in Southern Island of Camiguin celebrates its bountiful harvest and they call it the Lanzones Festival. But we don't have to go there to have a taste of the sweetest lanzones because over here in Southern Philippines, the fruit is also widely available.

During its season prices range from 40 - 60 PhP a kilo. 

In time of its season last year, we went to a fruit farm in Davao to buy Lanzones and other fruit seedlings. There we had unlimited taste of lanzones for free. That's how I got the above photo of its tree.

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