Panoramic Shots with O+ Ultra Lite

November 30, 2016

Panorama shot - an unbroken view of a photography subject (could be an area of any sort or a landscape).

Most android phones, if not all probably has it - the easy Panorama mode - exactly the same thing I used when I took all these shots below with my O+ Ultra Lite mobile phone.

One of the recent panoramic shots I have taken was this overly stretched text along the entrance of the Hinatuan Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur that reads the name of the place. It is supposed to stand as a backdrop in taking souvenir pictures of the place but there seems to be no way to have all the text seen on a single picture without setting the camera in a Panorama mode.

 photo 9c0645c7-656a-4a86-9c3f-b8afa654d97d_zpsizmr2qta.jpg

A panorama shot of Fernandez Beach & Family Resort in Island Garden City of Samal

 photo e7d21d38-7183-4f03-8284-ce1a11b31f63_zpsooel4l1q.jpg 
It's as if this panorama feature of a smart mobile phone is less used by many. People would rather point and shoot. I'm actually not so fond of it too back then but looking at a couple of shots I did, I'd say I should do it often.
A panorama shot of Surigao del Sur's Beach Bar 
 photo 7749c66f-aa6e-4c29-8551-6b2bba63cce4_zpspc8esyaw.jpg

Trivia (from Wiki)
The word PANORAMA was originally coined by an English painter, Robert Barker in 18th century to describe his panoramic paintings of Edinburgh and London. The motion-picture term, panning was derived from the word.

If a fender mustang amp amplifies a guitar, a panorama mode in an Android phone or a digital camera can give a photographer more than he could ask for for a photography experience.

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