A Short Trip to the Penitentiary

December 15, 2016

It is good to start the Holiday season with a very special trip - not to go on shopping nor to see Santa Claus
 - but a trip to where lonely hearts are.

Many of us are so used at celebrating Christmas the splendid way. And while we merrily celebrate with our loved ones, many are heavyhearted out there, wishing they will be thought of.

Reaching out to people who have once committed a crime and are considered threatening to the society is not at all that bad. I've been here for the second time this year, have freely talked to few of the inmates and it felt like I am just talking to some friends. Each one of them has different stories to tell and the way they feel about the thought of being remembered made me wish we could stay a little longer.

 photo 41a161b7-86b9-4da9-ad52-7eaca8f33703_zpscogtokax.jpg

Having been exposed to this kind of place made me ponder on one thing... That the  most beautiful blessing we have been given is the chance to repent.

I've seen so many talented and skilled inmates inside this jailhouse. That could be something they can make use of should they be given absolution in due time.

 photo 34fba08e-6153-45ad-bdd0-09db820acb82_zps1rhxrioa.jpg

This inmate has his special way of getting across to people the message of his own story. A true bypass looper reminds me of him. He's not only good at composing lyrics of a song, he's also gifted with a very good set of vocals.

  photo 15356519_10206232887019356_5878486885189945044_n_zpsqyswqx2r.jpg

It's Christmas once again in exactly ten days. I wonder how many Christmases these folks have celebrated away from their loved ones since they got in.

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