Sprite Blue @Ice Giant

January 24, 2017

On our way to leave the city, we passed through this place called Ice Giants along Damosa Street in Davao City. Curious about its name, we stopped and checked what they’ve got. And true to its name, they offer these mouth-watering treats that come in giant sizes.

But since we just had our tummies filled, we only took out something to sip on. I specifically got curious and attracted to this one…

 photo 15672880_10206324602112176_6009138693660237786_n_zpsx46pnti4.jpg
And as to what it composes other than Sprite and vanilla-flavored ice cream - that I am still yet to find out.:D
It looks like a must-visit place to me just as a Musiciansfriend rokit 5 is a must-have so yes, I am also looking forward to sit down and try out some of the giant stuffs one of these days. That way I can tell more about the place and what they have.

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