A Roller Coaster yet a Worthwhile Summer Trip to Bohol Island, Philippines

May 28, 2017

Job opportunity versus a meaningful and fun-filled summer with family - a tough situation I was confronted with. Both were important but since it's summer time, I chose to spend it the way it should be spent and with the important people in my life - my family in Bohol.

Summer season is the only time of the year where we can actually set ourselves free and do the things we love to do with friends and family. For a teacher and (still) a blogger like me, I always try to make it possible to be somewhere new each year. So when my brother offered an attractive deal for a Bohol summer getaway, I didn't think twice.

It was a roller coaster ride working on our way with ticket booking issues since May seems to be the busiest month in Bohol with the back-to-back fiesta celebrations - one place after the other. Boholanos are known to be steadfast when it comes to traditions and belief. Accordingly, where ever they may be in the world, Boholanos seems to always find their way home to observe this tradition.

Still we made it despite the prolonged trip.

Another good thing about this summer trip is the fact that I get to travel with these young ladies. It has been their dream too to see the place and of course meet their little cousins.
It was quite a summer for the three of us. Now I understand why many people are dying to make it to Bohol. I also get it now why a lot of foreign tourists from all over the world risk it despite the series of issuance of  travel advisories.

Bohol simply has it all to delight a wandering soul.

More of our Bohol tales in the coming days. For the mean time, you may want to check out korg ms-20.

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